Quality of Internet and Life

Research has shown that the greater the quality of internet, the greater the quality of life. With a rise in interconnectivity, the internet is a leading factor in happiness. It should be no surprise, then, that Mitchell, South Dakota, is a great place to live. With the second greatest broadband network in the world, Mitchell has the foundation for a great communication network. To make life even better, they are on the edge of a beautiful lake, have excellent pheasant hunting, and a growing economy. Of course, that is all without mentioning the benefits of living in South Dakota: No personal or corporate income, death estate, or business inventory taxes. For more information on Mitchell, vi

Madison Housing Study Is Released

The Lake Area Improvement Corporation and the Madison Housing and Redevelopment Commission partnered to contract a housing study for Madison. The study was conducted over the past six months with a final copy presented to the LAIC board on January 26. The 111 page study was conducted by Community Partners Research and utilized several resources including the 2010 census, American community survey, records and data from the city and county, interviews with numerous individuals, rental property owner surveys and Area, State and Federal housing agencies. A copy of the full report can be found here: Madison Housing Study - January 2016

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