Get out the Vote in South Dakota

U.S. House candidate Paula Hawks knows a thing or two about how important every vote is. "I won my last election by seven votes,” she said. “Every single vote counts. And if we [Democrats] would have been making phone calls to get more people out it wouldn't have been such a close call for me." That’s why the Democratic Party is doing all they can to encourage people to uphold their civic duty. "Vote,” said Democratic Senate Candidate Jay Williams. “It’s important that you have your voice heard because even though you're one of several hundred thousand that vote, it’s important that you do vote." South Dakota democrats have seen their fair share of close runs. "When Tim Johnson won years a

The Many Nicknames of South Dakota

The Mount Rushmore State. The Sunshine State. The Swinged Cat State. Of all the nicknames for South Dakota, perhaps none is more unusual than” The Swinged Cat State.” This nickname originated from remarks made by South Dakota’s first governor, Arthur C. Mellette, according to an article from the South Dakota State Historical Society – State Archives. In 1890, South Dakota was in the midst of a drought. Mellette was doing everything in his power to help settlers and keep them from leaving the state. On a trip to Chicago for aid, Mellette was met by Moses P. Handy, a friend and newspaperman. Handy asked Mellette, “Well, governor, how is South Dakota?” Mellette replied, “Oh, South Dakota is a s

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