Quality of Internet and Life

Research has shown that the greater the quality of internet, the greater the quality of life. With a rise in interconnectivity, the internet is a leading factor in happiness.

It should be no surprise, then, that Mitchell, South Dakota, is a great place to live. With the second greatest broadband network in the world, Mitchell has the foundation for a great communication network. To make life even better, they are on the edge of a beautiful lake, have excellent pheasant hunting, and a growing economy. Of course, that is all without mentioning the benefits of living in South Dakota: No personal or corporate income, death estate, or business inventory taxes.

For more information on Mitchell, visit their webpage here, http://www.mitchellsd.org/mitchellsd, or for more information on Advantage South Dakota, visit their homepage here: http://www.advantagesouthdakota.com/asd

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