Need a Job? Come to South Dakota.

Workforce is a major challenge for South Dakota. The state has a great number of jobs available but not enough bodies to fill positions. The unemployment rate is 2.7% and the economy is very strong. So why aren't people moving to South Dakota in droves? In a word, misconception.

If you talk to people who live in other states and have either never been to South Dakota or they have only visited the state as a tourist, their perception of South Dakota is pretty much always the same. "Flat, prairies, Mt. Rushmore, nothing to do, rural, agriculture, cold." What they don't know is that South Dakota is a great place to live for many reasons. Low crime, lower cost of living, no state personal income tax, 80 mile an hour speed limit, great schools and universities, bio-science businesses, high speed broad band even in many smaller towns, and much more.

When compared to MN, WI,IL, MI, and NE, South Dakota has the same climate so it's really no colder than these other states that surround it. I recently visited Chicago, (my hometown) and I used my GPS to get to my hotel. The GPS said it was 12 miles away and the estimated time to travel those 12 highway miles would be 1:56. I just assumed that my GPS was having a bad day but I was wrong. It took 2 hours to travel 12 miles. Do you know how long it take to travel 12 interstate miles in South Dakota? About 10 minutes.

I have been asked by friends who live in Charlotte and Daytona Beach if we have restaurants in South Dakota. Of course we do. There are probably more restaurants per capita in Sioux Falls, the largest city in South Dakota than there are in other major cities. And yes South Dakota also has Walmart, Lowes, Menards, Home Depot, several malls, museums, entertainment venues, dog parks, etc. The Denny Sanford Premiere Center has been a major success and has sold out every event since opening over a year ago.

South Dakota is also a great place to retire because of the highly rated healthcare system available to all residents but especially important for seniors.

If you are struggling to make ends meet, fighting traffic jams, dealing with crime, worried about your children, etc., then consider moving to South Dakota. As more and more people telecommute and work from home, there is no reason not to live where life is happier and with less struggles.

Visit the following website for links to major job boards.

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