605 Day Celebrates South Dakota Pride

South Dakotan’s share the same area code. 6-0-5 is used by every South Dakotan from Sioux Falls to Spearfish.

It’s turns out that June 5th… is 6-0-5 day… and state officials think this is a great time to celebrate what it means to be South Dakotan.

South Dakota is one of twelve states that have one area code for all residents. The number coincidentally matches the date of June 5th.Katelyn Richter is with state Department of Tourism. She says there are many reasons to celebrate being a South Dakota citizen.

“Being really proud of where we come from, what we have to offer here and being able to showcase our unique landscapes and also our great friendly faces that we have here in South Dakota.

So it’s something that we’re really proud of and something we’re excited about to boost up South Dakota’s own morale. And remind people how proud we should be to live in this great state,”

says Richter.Richter urges people to post on social media their favorite things about South Dakota during the celebration.

“The best place in South Dakota might be in a pasture out in the middle of nowhere. That might be someone’s favorite place to celebrate 605 Day. We’re willing to see all those posts about being in the middle of nowhere with no one around you or perhaps you’re in downtown Sioux Falls, in a more urban and hip environment. And we’re excited to see all of those places people are celebrating,” says Richter.


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