The Ingalls' Homestead is a great place

"Experience an old-fashioned family day in De Smet. The Ingalls' Homestead is a great place to experience a piece of American history with events, exhibitions, beautiful landscapes and camping that will bring the family together to experience the Little Town experience."

Laura’s Living Prairie

Touch history with your fingers! Experience the lifestyle of pioneer homesteaders by twisting hay, grinding wheat, making rope and riding a horse drawn covered wagon across the native grass prairie to a live one-room country school.

Imagine living on Laura’s wide-open prairie.

Lured by the prospect of free land from the Homestead Act of 1862, the Ingalls family traveled over a thousand miles in a covered wagon to claim land. Pa knew he must follow the homestead requirements: live on the land for five years, build a home and plow at least 10 acres. Laura’s “Little House” books share the stories of hard work and sacrifices her family endured to gain title to this piece of Dakota prairie. For over a century, since Charles homesteaded this quarter section in 1880, it has been used for production agriculture.

Aspiring to share the story of this land Laura called home, the process of developing Ingalls Homestead into a living history farm began in the early 1990’s. Today native prairie grasses cover over one hundred acres, period building house exhibits that explain homestead life and hands-on activities allow visitors to understand the changes in our agricultural heritage. Each season brings more fun activities and displays.

Our friendly staff invites you to spend an old-fashioned family day at Ingalls Homestead: a place to dream and remember. Where a grandfather may turn to his grandson and say, “When I was a boy...” Enjoy camping in a covered wagon, bunkhouse, tent and RV. Open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.


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