Chamberlain wows Great Race participants with warm welcome

When it came to hosting 120+ drivers and their vintage cars, Chamberlain-Oacoma brought its A Game. The drivers and their navigators stopped in town on their journey east to Sioux Falls as part of the Great Race event that had drivers race in a game of accuracy from San Rafael, Calif., to Moline, Ill. They made several pit stops a long the way to either spend the night or eat lunch.

Chamberlain was one stop on the route for the participants to eat lunch, and as far as the drivers were concerned, the community did not disappoint. Several drivers commented that the Indian Tacos prepared by Joyce Hoffer and served by upwards of 10-15 volunteers was the best lunch they’d had during the entire competition. The MC ‘Motor Mouth’ who announced cars as they rolled into town through Main Street also praised Chamberlain and said it might not have been the largest crowd the drivers had seen to welcome them into town, but the community “sure had the best street volunteers we’ve seen yet.”

“Those comments are a testament to our community members and the kind of people who live here in Chamberlain,” said Mayor Chad Mutziger, who got involved and stopped into the Community Center during the big event to help clear tables.

The team who came out on top was Team 16, G.R. Pike and Bobby Hadskey, driving a 1916 Hudson Indy racer. They won $50,000.

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