The Aberdeen Development Corporation (ADC) has announced that they have begun working on a new project in downtown Aberdeen, which will be known as “the Workshop”. Construction will soon be underway at the site which is located at 208 S. Main Street, in between Noah’s Critters Pet Center and Studio 9. The space will be completely remodeled inside and out to fit the aesthetic and functional needs of the Workshop.

The purpose of the Workshop will be to create a space for local professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, students, and other community members to collaborate, brainstorm, and network in an open and stimulating business environment. This is especially true for the first floor, which will be a coworking space that will allow for a variety of people from different businesses, backgrounds, and industries to work in an energetic and stimulating atmosphere. It can be compared to a student union or campus library filled with business men and women who are hard at work, socializing over a cup of coffee, or anywhere in between.

For those who would prefer a dedicated work space, the second floor will be more their style. Consisting of a conference room, a classroom, and dedicated work stations, members of the Workshop will able to reserve these spaces to get their work done or host conferences and meetings of their own. Workshop members will also be provided with access to high speed Wi-Fi, a printer, a copier, projection equipment, and other standard office equipment. The dedicated work stations will provide a private space to work and a secure personal desk for its occupants. This space will be perfect for entrepreneurs who are just starting out, small businesses that wish to expand to an office, sole proprietors that need a personalized workspace, and many others!

*For questions or additional information, contact Kati Bachmayer at (605) 229-5335.

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