Dakotafest women’s brunch speaker to focus on life lessons learned in farming

Melanie Brown has taken some important life lessons from growing up on a South Dakota farm.

“The lessons we need to learn we learn in farming,” Brown said.

Today, the farm girl is a motivational speaker who has spent decades teaching leadership skills and team building for corporations and others. She’ll share her message at the Women’s Brunch during Dakotafest on Wednesday, Aug. 17.

Brown said that people can take lessons from such basic farming activities as planting and cultivating, and also from the disruptive storms that frustrate farmers. Seeds don’t blossom overnight, she said. You have to be committed and dedicated before gathering a harvest, she said, and it’s important to learn how to overcome any storms along the way and turn them into powerful, positive change.

The Women’s Brunch theme is “Recharge Your Life.” Brown will talk about finding confidence to pursue your dreams in an interactive style.

“We always want to do something, but we never get it done,” she said, describing how most people lock away their hopes and dreams and see them as being out of reach. “We need courage to get out of the cage.”

Brown started her career in nursing in De Smet, S.D., where she lived for 28 years. She then worked in sales for a wellness company, gaining experience in mentoring and coaching her team. Brown has lived in Sioux Falls for the past nine years. Now she travels to talk about leadership, team building and transforming your life.

In her books “Ignite the Power in You” and “Believe,” a journal, she explains her system for using goals and dreams to form a straightforward action plan.

“I’m looking forward to inspiring women from Dakotafest,” Brown said.

The Women’s Brunch is hosted by the Mitchell Area Chamber of Commerce Agribusiness Committee. The event starts at 10 a.m. at the Highland Conference Center in Mitchell, three miles east of the Dakotafest grounds.

Tickets are $20 at the door or $15 in advance, available at the Chamber office at 601 N. Main St. in Mitchell.


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