Quality Jobs in South Dakota's Beer Distribution Industry Highlighted This Labor Day

Study Shows South Dakota Beer Distributors Fuel Nearly 550 Direct Jobs

As Americans prepare to celebrate Labor Day, the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) and South Dakota's independent beer distributors are recognizing beer distribution industry employees whose work positively impacts the national and state economies.

"From truck drivers to graphic artists and sales representatives, America's beer distribution employees work day in and day out to make this the best beer market in the world," said NBWA President and CEO Craig Purser.

According to the economic impact report America's Beer Distributors: Fueling Jobs, Generating Economic Growth & Delivering Value to Local Communities, more than 3,000 beer distribution facilities directly employ 135,000 men and women in communities across the country.

The report, produced by Dr. Bill Latham and Dr. Ken Lewis of the Center for Applied Business & Economic Research at the University of Delaware, provides a comprehensive look at beer distribution companies' total impact on national and state economies. In addition to the impact of distributor operations, the report accounts for resources contributed by beer distributors in supporting community events and local economic development, contributing to charitable causes and promoting responsible alcohol use.

Key findings include:

  • South Dakota beer distribution facilities directly employ 547 people, who earn $37.9 million in wages and salaries.

  • South Dakota beer distributors add $223.4 million to the nation's gross domestic product.

  • South Dakota beer distributor activities generate $536,000 in economic impacts to communities through support of charities, local events and economic development.

  • South Dakota beer distributor activities contribute $41 million to the federal, state and local tax bases. This does not include an added $36 million in federal, state and local alcohol excise and consumption taxes on beer sold in South Dakota.

  • The South Dakota beer distribution industry contributes more than $49 million in transportation efficiency for the beer industry each year.

Purser added, "Independent beer distributors do much more than deliver fresh beer. They provide significant economic benefits in their communities through local business-to-business commerce; investments in infrastructure and capital assets; and tax revenue. Beer distributors provide services that help brewers of all sizes grow; improve efficiency for trading partners, especially small brewers and retailers; and ensure consumers have a broad selection of products to enjoy."

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