Get out the Vote in South Dakota

U.S. House candidate Paula Hawks knows a thing or two about how important every vote is.

"I won my last election by seven votes,” she said. “Every single vote counts. And if we [Democrats] would have been making phone calls to get more people out it wouldn't have been such a close call for me."

That’s why the Democratic Party is doing all they can to encourage people to uphold their civic duty.

"Vote,” said Democratic Senate Candidate Jay Williams. “It’s important that you have your voice heard because even though you're one of several hundred thousand that vote, it’s important that you do vote." South Dakota democrats have seen their fair share of close runs.

"When Tim Johnson won years ago it was by just a couple hundred votes it's a very, very important thing to vote.W cannot take for granted this opportunity we have to choose our leaders," said Heather Halverson, chair of the Minnehaha County Democratic Party.

Hawks and Williams are just two of the many Democrats hoping to win the ballot this election.

The state party says more Democrats have sought a seat in the state house this election than any other year since 2008.

But to get there, they have to get elected, and encourage people to hit the polls.

"Right down to the last minute before the polls close people can be getting those votes in. and everybody should recognize their vote counts. Whether it's a county race or a legislative race or the statewide race or even the federal race every single vote has meaning,” said Hawks.

Voting information:

Election Tuesday, November 8th The polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Local Time

Voter ID Requirements:

Voter ID is a requirement to vote. You must present some type of government issued ID, such as a SD drivers license, A state issued non-drivers license ID, tribal ID, passport, regents university photo ID, high school photo ID.

If you do not have an acceptable form of ID you must be presented with a personal identification affidavit that you will sign under the penalty of perjury in which you state you are who you are.

Poll Watcher:

We encourage citizens to become involved on Election Day, as anyone can be a poll watcher or poll observer.

South Dakota law allows poll watchers and observers to be present to observe the voting and counting activity and provides guidelines for poll watchers and observers. For more information visit SDSOS.GOV or contact your County Auditor. You will likely see poll watchers at your precinct on Election Day.

Voter Hotline Number:

If you feel your voting rights have been violated, you may call the county auditor, the Secretary of State at 888-703-5328, or your state's attorney. Please be sure to make that phone call before you leave the voting precinct location. The number will be posted twice at all polling locations.


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