Madison Regional Health partners with LATI’s Build Dakota Scholarship program

Madison Regional Health System is now a partner in Lake Area Technical Institute’s “Stretch the Million” Build Dakota Scholarship Program.

Lake Area Tech says the “Stretch the Million” program was developed in an effort to ‘stretch’ the available dollars in the Build Dakota Scholarship program. Industry partners are invited to commit to pay a portion of the expenses of the Build Dakota Scholarship for a student scholar. The student would then fulfill a three year work commitment with that partner business.

Tammy Miller, Madison Regional Health System CEO, said that the partnership allows Madison Regional Health System to partner with LATI and other state technical schools in offering scholarship dollars to students. She said that it assures health professionals for the future, assists Madison Regional Health in employee recruitment and retention efforts, and reduces educational expense for the student.

The Build Dakota Scholarship program is a full-ride scholarship for students who are seeking degrees from South Dakota’s technical schools in certain fields that have been identified as high need in South Dakota. Upon graduation, student scholars then commit to a three year work agreement in the state.

Some of the eligible programs at Lake Area Tech that could be supported by the “Stretch the Million” partnership with MRHS include: licensed practical nurse, med/fire rescue, medical lab technician and paramedic.

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