Improvement Within a Community Starts With the Actions of Individuals

There are many different ways to improve your community. And, in many cases, all it takes is one action to spur a season of change that can make your neighborhood a better place. Whether you are looking to protect local wildlife or bring health care to the most remote regions of your state, one small step may cause a domino effect of goodness that will result in a healthier and happier community.

How You Can Help

How you help depends upon your goals. If you’re looking to help reduce unemployment or help single parents find work, you might consider steering people to the Advantage South Dakota website, where they can search for jobs and find out about entrepreneurship. You can also offer rides to job interviews for those less fortunate within your community.

For a further-reaching impact, look into going to school in a field that will do the most good. For instance, you might earn an online degree in nursing, which will allow you to offer medical care and work in any number of environments, including nursing homes, pediatricians offices, or incarceration facilities. Online school gives you an opportunity to work toward your goals at an affordable and accredited institution without sacrificing your current income or time with family.

Another way you might benefit your community is by tutoring children in underperforming schools. According to on-demand video provider Kaltura, you can even tutor online if you have the right technology. In areas where there is a lack of funding, students may not have access to additional teachers or extracurricular activities that might keep them out of trouble.

Outreach Efforts

It does not matter what your cause is, you have to get the support of the community behind you. To do this, you’ll have to focus on your outreach. This can come in many forms, from online groups to community events.

If you opt to host a community event, start by establishing the basics. Make sure that you give your event a name that draws attention without being threatening. Create a budget (and, if necessary, start a fundraiser to help pay for it), and estimate the number of people that might attend. Think about things that might draw in the people you’re targeting. A fun zone for kids, free food, or music are great ways to get attention.

Something else you can do to bring awareness to your cause is to draft a petition for change. Care2 Petitions asserts that you’ll need a measurable goal that is easily communicable, groups, businesses, and local influencers to throw their support behind you, and a clear target. Once your petition gets the number of signatures you desire, you can then present it to leaders in your area that can effect change. As an example, if you are fighting for greater access to technology within your local school, take your petition to the school board or your alderman.

Other ways to network include using social media, reaching out to friends and family, and going old school, and canvassing door to door with others who believe in your cause. There are still many major nonprofit organizations that utilize this method, and it’s a great way to get out and meet your neighbors to find out what other issues are prevalent in your community.

When it comes down to it, any cause is a good cause. Whether you are looking to promote economic equality, improve education, or bring healthcare to your elderly neighbors, all it takes is the passion to get the proverbial ball rolling. Once your passion is there, it’s a matter of networking and being the voice for those who can’t speak for themselves.

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